17 Essential Life Hacks That Every Human Should Know

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1. Fresh Egg Test.enhanced-buzz-3428-1376440802-272. For all presentations.


3. Always Rememberenhanced-buzz-5577-1376440469-15

4. Good Sandwich Guide, Lets Try..enhanced-buzz-5628-1376441210-7

5. For ice water turn a half-filled Nalgene bottle.enhanced-buzz-6374-1376441532-32

6. Let Can openers work like this..


7. Clean keyboard with post-it notes for better cleaning.enhanced-buzz-8405-1376441398-3

8. Best idea for a small kitchen.enhanced-buzz-8928-1376441437-10

9. Springs of old pens can use to save your iPhone Charger.enhanced-buzz-15899-1376441481-2310.  Butter hack.


11. Fancy drink making.enhanced-buzz-20231-1376504099-27

Via stonehurstmanor.com

13. Good use of bobby pins.enhanced-buzz-23128-1376440568-6

14. Curse without being corrected.


15. Tell people about the freshness of coffee you made simpleenhanced-buzz-25730-1376440522-2

16. Use Visa Gift cards for free premium trails.enhanced-buzz-27206-1376440943-9

17. To escape buttons from falling off use clear nail polish.


Credits : buzzfeed

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