17 Essential Life Hacks That Every Human Should Know

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1. Fresh Egg Test.        2. For all presentations.

3. Always Remember

4. Good Sandwich Guide, Lets Try..

5. For ice water turn a half-filled Nalgene bottle.

6. Let Can openers work like this..

7. Clean keyboard with post-it notes for better cleaning.

8. Best idea for a small kitchen.

9. Springs of old pens can use to save your iPhone Charger.                10.  Butter hack.

11. Fancy drink making.

Via stonehurstmanor.com

13. Good use of bobby pins.

14. Curse without being corrected.

15. Tell people about the freshness of coffee you made simple

16. Use Visa Gift cards for free premium trails.

17. To escape buttons from falling off use clear nail polish.

Credits : buzzfeed

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