15 Essential Life Hacks That Every Human Should Know

Lets make our life easy with these simple life hacks. I think every human on this earth must know about these, So never forget to like and share.


1. After reading this you will never waste the Nutella.enhanced-buzz-6120-1376442597-19


2. Stapler removers are best for key chains than using your fingernails.enhanced-buzz-6729-1376442100-12


3.  Good Spring Break = Vodka + food coloring:enhanced-buzz-7884-1376441681-0


3. Best beach buddy to keep safe your items.enhanced-buzz-8042-1376441968-17

Rare chances of stealing from this empty lotion bottle.


4. Reheat Your Delicious Food.enhanced-buzz-8347-1376442620-12


5. To Salvage Broken Flip-Flops Use Bread Clips.enhanced-buzz-8449-1376441930-3

6. Eat Fresh Chips Always With this Hack. enhanced-buzz-10151-1376443079-15

5. Keep those bad smell away…enhanced-buzz-10720-1376443300-7

6. Bacon. Freaking. Pancakes.enhanced-buzz-15260-1376442679-23

7. How to Tie A Tie.

enhanced-buzz-15786-1376442507-9Here are more articles on how to tie a tie…



8. Alternative for Flathead Screwdriver.enhanced-buzz-15910-1376442927-13

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9. Use Chapstick Tube to Hide Money While You’re on Traveling.enhanced-buzz-15919-1376442028-25

10. Reheat Your Pizza.enhanced-buzz-17007-1376442956-39

11. Next Time you Eat Oreo, Remember it..enhanced-buzz-17009-1376442882-23

12. Cool Down A Beer in Two Minutes with a Wet Paper Towel in the Freezer.enhanced-buzz-17073-1376441893-9

13. Try with Your Ramen.


14. Eggs Boiling Hack.enhanced-buzz-22961-1376443355-37

15. ….. Pasta Fresh Hack.


Credits : buzzfeed

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